Charles Fort - the man and his work (9th of April 1999)
Rosslyn Chapel - an enigma inside a mystery (14th May 1999)
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (11th June 1999)
Urban Legends (9th July 1999)
Luck and Superstition (13th August 1999)
Shetland Island Myths and Legends - it's not all sheep (14th January 2000)
Pathetic Genetics - The Titanic, Olympic and Britannic (11th February 2000)
The Autumn of Terror - the Jack the Ripper Murders (1th March 2000)
Ghosts - a roundtable discussion (14th April 2000)
Stage Fright - The Haunting of the Playhouse Theatre (12th May 2000)
UFO's (9th June 2000)
The Hindenburg (14th July 2000)
Conspiracy Theories (8th September 2000)
The Curse of the Pharoahs (13th October 2000)
Scottish cryptozoology - an overview (10th November 2000)
The Shroud of Turin (12th January 2001)
Robin Hood the Man the Myth and the Legend (9th February 2001)
The Mystery of the Pyramids (8th March 2001 Tron)
Chinese Alchemy (12th April 2001 Tron)
Life After Death (10th May 2001 Grassmarket)
Cryptozoology 101 (14th June 2001 Tron)
The Winchester Mansion (12th July 2001)
Snakes Tales (13th September 2001)
I Believe in Angels? (11th October 2001)
Maitreya - The World Teacher - The Evidence for the Second Coming (9th November 2001)
The Highate Vampire (10th January 2002)
Bigfoot or Big Fake (14th February)
Alchemy (14th March 2002)
Hoaxed Moon Landings (11th April 2002)
The Riddle of the Sphinx (9th May 2002)
Luck and Superstition (13th June 2002)
The Cottingley Fairies (11th July 2002)
The History and Mystery of the Tarot (12th September 2002)
Time Travel -the Final Frontier (10th October 2002)
Mothman (14th of November 2002)
Jack the Ripper (6th February and 13th of March 2003)
South African Witch Doctors (3rd of April 2003)
Mushrooms - myths and magic, fungi - folkore, fiction and fact (8th May 2003)
A look back at 4 and a quarter years of Edinburgh Forteanism (12th June 2003)
Aleister Crowley - the Wickedest Man in the World (10th July 2003)
Thomas the Rhymer - Ancient Scottish Seer (11th September 2003)
The Legacy of 9/11: Conspiracies and Other Animals (9th October 2003)
Shape Changing Aliens - They're Everywhere! (13th November 2003)
Where there's a Will - who really wrote the works of William Shakespeare? (8th of January 2004)
Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle (12th of February 2004)
Are Birds Descended from Dinosaurs? (11th of March 2004)
Fifth Birthday party (8th of April 2004)
Robin Hood - The Man, The Myth, The Legend... (13th of May 2004)
The Voynich Manuscript - the Most Mysterious Book in the World... (10th of June 2004)
Rennes le Chateau - the History of a Mystery (1st of July 2004)
Rennes le Chateau - Sacred Geometry and Sacred Treasure (14th of October)
Cabinets of Curiosities (11th of November)
Poltergeists (13th of January)
Young Earth (10th of February)
Curse of the Pharoahs (10th of March)
Science and sea monsters (14th of April)
The Rise of the Indian Rope Trick (12th of May 2005)
Tales From the Tower (9th of June 2005)
God's Snowflake: A frozen Miracle (14th of July 2005)
Hidden Voices - EVP and Backtracking (8th of September 2005)
The Princes in the Tower (13th of October 2005)
Mark Oxbrow on Rosslyn Chapel (10th of November 2005)
Zappers and Booby Boxes! (12th of January 2006)
Ghost Hunters Scotland (9th of February 2006)
The Lambton Worm (9th of March)
Intelligent Design vs Evolution (13th of April 2006)
Neil "Jurassic" Clarke on Nessie the Elephant (9th of May 2006)
Leslie John Thomson : A Study in Synchronicity and Coincidence ((13th of June 2006)
Fortean Show and Tell - a chance for you to say what interests you and what got you into Forteana (13th of July 2006)
Caroline Watt Head of the Koestler Institute of Parapsychology - The Work of the Koestler (12th of September 2006)
Dave (Alien Dave) Moncur will be talking on "Were Aliens Hoping For A Game Of Cricket? Freuchie, close to where a "Mass Alien Landing" is said to have occurred on the 23rd of September 1996, is famous for fielding its own cricket team..... Howzat?" (10th of October 2006)
The work of Rupert Sheldrake and his Seven Experiments that could Change the World (14th of November 2006)
Folklore and Fortean Fungi. Also auction to raise funds - bring cash and items to donate! (9th of January 2007)
The Edinburgh Fairy Coffins (13th of February 2007)
Richard Freeman of the Centre For Fortean Zoology on The Search For Ninki Nanka (13th of March 2007)
Ian Robertson on Hermes and His Emerald Tablets - The Origins of Alchemy (10th of April 2007)
Charles Paxton Humanoids from the Deep - A History of Sea Clergy (8th of May 2007)
Simon Knight on Jack the Ripper (12th of June 2007)
Stan Hall on Tayos Gold - The Lost Archives of Atlantis (10th of July 2007
Mark Turner of Ghostfinders on ghost hunting and EVP (11th of September 2007)
(13th of November 2007)
(no October meeting)
James Kerr on Lilith Unleashed - the first wife of Adam December 2007)
Gordon Rutter on Arthur Conan Doyle and the Spirits (8th of January 2008)
Ian Simmons on What is Truth? (12th of February 2008)
Geoff Holder on William Beckford, The World's Richest Gay Goth? (11th of March 2008)
Stew Smith on The Music of the Trows - Scottish Folklore (8th of April 2008)
A visit to Edinburgh GhostFest - EVP at the Covenanters Prison(13th of May 2008)
Professor Richard Wiseman on Investigating the Impossible (10th of June 2008)
Fillip Coppins on The New Pyramid Age (8th of July 2008)
Gordon Rutter on The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (9th of September 2008)
Archie Lawrie on Poltergeists he has known (14th of October 2008)
Mark Oxbrow on The Cailleah Bheur, Scottish Ancient Hag Goddess (11th of November 2008)
Fortean Society Christmas Meal (9th December 2008)
Paul Temple demonstrates Psychic Feats (13th January 2009)
Charles Paxton on "The Statistics of Sea Serpents" (10th February 2009)
Raymond Bell : Dawn of the Killer Shrews (10th March 2009)
Edinburgh Fortean Society : 10th Birthday! (14th April 2009)
Gordon Rutter and Ian Robertson : Comyns Beaumont and Jerusalem (May 12th 2009)
Stew Smith : Why Does Sadako Hate? (June 9th 2009)
James Kerr Synchronicity in Music (July 14th 2009)
Gordon Rutter Paranormal Edinburgh (September 8th 2009)
Archie Lawrie Poltergeists I Have Known (Pt.2) (October 13th 2009)
Cameron Pirie : The Emergence of Maitreya (10th November 2009)
Christmas Thai Buffet (8th December 2009)
Alex Pryce : An Introduction to Skepticism (12th January 2010)
James Kerr : Gef, the Talking Mongoose (9th February 2010)
Ray Bell : Mormon Space Doctrine (9th March 2010)
Mark Turner : Electronic Voice Phenomena (13th April 2010)
Geoff Holder on "101 Uses for a Stone Circle" (11th May 2010)